Tony Steel welcomed to Lakeville Rotary Club the 2015-16 STRIVE Students, parents, deans and guests.  STRIVE ( Students Taking Renewed Interest in the Value of Education.)
How does STRIVE work? Students who choose to participate in STRIVE are matched with an adult mentor from Lakeville Rotary Club. This year our mentors for Lakeville North High School  included: Phil Bruneau, Kathy Cleveland, Mark Priore, Mark Booth, Joe Blee and Tony Steel. Lakeville South High School mentors included: Clint Kennedy, Jeff Kohlnhofer, Ken Wentworth, Judy Keliher, and Jeff LongMentors are not tutors, but are there to offer support, encouragement and assistance. 
Does STRIVE make a difference? YES!  We had several students stand up and Thank the Club and everyone who made the STRIVE program possible.
The program kicked off this past September and has included presentations by Paul Marzahn on "Strength Finders," Craig Manson on "Dealing with Change, Recognizing Trends," and Glenn Starfield "How to find a job." Throughout the year the students went on several field trips to local colleges.