Posted on Sep 28, 2017
Congratulations! 2016-17 Perfect Attendance Award Recipients'

Rotary is an organization whose members are committed to service. Attendance at weekly Rotary meetings foster fellowship among club members, enriches their professional and personal knowledge, and keeps members current on local, District, and Rotary International news and events.

If a club member misses a meeting, they are encouraged to expand their Rotary horizons by attending makeup meetings at any club in the area or around the world – a practice that guarantees a warm welcome in communities around the globe. Meeting places and times for clubs in the area can be found in our weekly e-newsletter.
Under the Rotary International Code of Polices:
  • A member may not miss up to four (4) meetings in a row.
  • You need to be present for 60% of a meeting (i.e. 36 minutes of a 60-minute meeting.)
  • Must attend or make up 50% of your club meetings each year.
  • Make up can be in the following manner:
    1. Attend a meeting at another club
    2. Attend District meetings
    3. Participate in a club sponsored event or service project
      (i.e. Road cleanup, 501 Club, Committee meetings)
    4. Attend a Club Board meeting
    5. Attend a Club sanctioned service committee meeting – must be a minimum of 60 minutes
    6. Participate in an e-club meeting for at least 30 minutes.

One Year
Doug Anderson
Pat Arling
Laurie Bolin
Paul Marzahn
Ken Mosier
Two Years
Cheryl Morton
Ken Wentworth
Three Years
Greg Highberg
Greg LaMere
Steve Volavka
Four Years
Peg Duenow
Five Years
Judy Keliher
Mark Priore
Six Years
Jim Christian
Colleen Ratzlaff LaBeau
Seven Years
Kathy Hughitt
Eight Years
Jay Young
Nine years
Alan Williams
Eleven Years
Brian Lundquist
Twelve Years
Steve Aaker 
Thirteen Years
Sheila Longie
Twenty Years -One
Tom Coughlin
Twenty-Four Years
Clint Kennedy
Twenty-Five Years
Tom Mork
Twenty-seven Years
Gary Jenos
Carl Wahlstrom
Thirty Years
Lynn Tharaldson