Ken Wentworth
Ken Wentworth with technical assistance from his wife Karen Wentworth gave his Classification Talk today.President and Owner of Hobo, Inc. since 2006 in Lakeville.  Ken received his BA in Biology and Chemistry  from the University of Minnesota.
Hobo, Inc.  manufactures, markets and sells chemical products into the commercial car wash industry. Founded in 1994, Chemquest supplies products directly and through distribution, depending on market. Private labeling is available on all products.
Hobo Inc, their start in 1993 when Howie Breeggemann and Bobby Wigglesworth sold off their carwash equipment sales and service division but retained ownership of the chemical supply and manufacturing division. Looking for a memorable name for this new venture they took the first two letters from each of their first names and came up with HOBO.
Looking for a way to compete with the big brands of the carwash chemical industry, HOBO decided to focus on private labeling and custom blending. This proved to be popular with the carwash industry and HOBO began to grow.
Ken and Karen have two daughters, Ashley and Christine and his interest include Barbershop Singing, Home Brewing, Rotary, and mentoring with the school district STEM program.
Ken Wentworth singing with TC Commodores