Ross Bernstein , Colleen LaBeau
Craig Manson took the mic today and introduced our speaker Ross Bernstein, motivational speaker, business speaker, author and for the past 20 years a working member of the media.  Ross is a sports speaker who uses inspirational sports stories to energize and connect his audiences. 
Ross currently lives in Apple Valley but is a native of Fairmont, MN. He feels very fortunate to have the oportunity to travel around the world as a keynote speaker to Fortune 500 companies, sales groups, and at large association conferences.
Ross specializes in the topics of values and integrity, ethics and accountability, and passions and legacies.  His programs are called “The Champion’s Code. “  He shared with us that being a champion is about winning the “right way. ”
1.  Passion
2.  Unselfish
        What’s your next greatest assist?
3.  Will to win
4.  Compassionate
5.  Set goals & visualize success.
        Not about having the best players it’s about having the right players. And, the power of chemistry & friends.
6.  Consistent
        “Practice makes perfect” and "accountability" even when no one is looking.
7.  Respect
8.  Humble
Ross ended the program by asking us. What is it that Drives you?
Ross Bernstein will be the keynote speaker at The Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Breakfast on December 2nd, for more information or reservations visit,