( Dr. David "Chip" Kent IV, Craig Manson)
Jim Christian introduced our speaker, Dr. David “Chip” Ken IV, Managing partner at Ceropia Capital, “Do you buy stock like chicken or perfume?”
Chip is a Caltech PhD with decades of quantitative and mathematical experience. He loves to solve interesting and difficult quantitative problems.  His view from a mathematical perspective, successful investing results from making reasonable quantitative decisions under uncertain circumstances.
He spoke today about how people think about investments buying like we buy chicken is more profitable than buying like we buy perfume.
Chip quoted from successful investors like Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch and Joe Greenblock such as” figure out what something is worth and pay a lot less” by Joe Greenblock.
And he asked the following question.
“How do you beat Tiger Woods”
Answer: You don’t play him at golf.
Look at the advantages when buying stock in the market. Do your research, read the SEC filings.