Posted on Jul 24, 2017
Jeff Larson & Pat Arling
Pat Arling, Jeff Larson
Minnesota 501 c(3) Bricks to Bread builds ovens for Costa Rica families. 
The project was started after a simple conversation between friends, Jeff Larson and Nancy Alvarado. They wanted to find a way to help a family sustain their way of living after a loss of some family income. 
Nancy volunteered to serve in Costa Rica as part of a Peace Corps mission and Jeff who likes to work with his hands took a class offered at North House Folk School in Grand Marais on “How to build an outdoor wood fire oven.”
The first Bricks to Bread oven was built for a family in Costa Rica and now Bricks to Bread is seeking to raise funds to construct five outdoor ovens for families in Costa Rica.  Building of the outdoor fireplace takes about five days. This grassroots nonprofit is changing lives with a brick and loaf of bread. To learn more visit, or contact Jeff Larson by phone 612-710-4156.