Some people save lives every day -- doctors, nurses, EMT's, police officers, and firefighters.  Yesterday, as we were finishing our blood drive at the fire station, they received a "call".  It was fascinating to watch as the crew arrived, methodically putting on their gear, and then leaving in the truck.  It looked like just another day at the office.  It wasn't nearly as exciting as they show on television!  Then I realized they spend hours and hours training, so this is fast and efficient.  It is not supposed to be exciting.  To all of you who routinely save our lives, thank you.


The blood drive was a big success.  We had 39 people attempt to donate, and we collected 34 units of blood.  That is at least a five-year record for our Rotary Club.  Thank you to everyone who participated -- the donors, the donors who tried but couldn't, and the volunteers.  We are helping to save lives too.  Each of you should feel proud knowing that 102 people are going to benefit from what we did yesterday.


I'm looking forward to doing this again,


Minnesota Mosquito Mike