Thursday, Jan 7, 2021- Lakeville Rotary Club Meeting Video Link -
Doug Anderson started the meeting with a Reflection on the “importance of the common good.” followed by Gary Voegele who introduced our speaker, author Tom Hubler. 
Importance of the family businesses. Most people don’t realize that 95% of the businesses in the US are family business. Tom discussed The Soul of Family Business, and the role of a common family vision to embody it.  The B.O.S.S. was also discussed with the importance of having a reciprocal commitment to each other’s success.  There was discussion of the importance of the underutilized gifts of love, gratitude, and forgiveness in creating family unity.  Related to this is the importance of legacy and your gifts to the future.
B. (Business)
O. (Others) – What do you want for the other about what the other wants?
S. (Self)
S. ( Stakeholders)