Posted on Oct 12, 2017
Our speaker was Mary Liz Holberg, Commissioner-Sixth District for Dakota County.
Commissioner Holberg is a Minnesota politician and a former MN State Representative for Lakeville.  She serves on a seven-person board that oversees county spending and services.
Commissioner Holberg shared the Mission and Vision statement of the CDA Board with the club along with some of its history over the past 45 years.
Some interesting facts shared included that Dakota County has had the lowest per capita tax rate in the state for the past 3-years and has been debt free as 1-1/2 years ago.
The majority of the CDA budget is spent in Community Service and Commissioner Holberg shared that the Metro Transit Orange Line that serves Dakota County is the most cost-effective route for Metro Transits with a 75.13% retention of fares.
For more information visit on the Dakota County Community Development Agency (CDA) visit their website at
Mary Liz Holberg – or 651-438-4243 (office)