Steve Volavka introduced our speaker Mark Lanterman.
Mark Lanterman is the Chief Technology Officer of Computer Forensic Services.  His firm is based in Minneapolis and is the digital crime lab for 38 law enforcement agencies.
Mark has worked on some very interesting cases including Bernie Madoff, Martha Stewart, and locally Tom Pedder’s and Denny Hecker’s, but mentioned that his mother was mostly impressed with his work with Paul McCartney’s divorce case.
Mark’s shared stories, concerns, and warning regarding Phishing, the scam emails that we all deal with on a daily basis. 
Some of the takeaways Mark wanted to leave us with today are:
  • “Hackers need our help” and they trick us with the “clicking” and “opening” of attachments.
  • “Don’t trust anything in your email without verifying the information. Especially, when it concerns a financial transaction.
Click the following YouTube link for Mark’s complete program: