Laurie Bolin introduced our speaker Jeremy Roberts with the Dakota County Electronic Task Force.
Jeremy is a Digital Forensic Examiner and he spoke to our Club about cell phone and password security.
Secure your accounts
Secure your phones
Secure your social media account
Did you know that your phone voice & audio saves all of your recordings until you tell it to stop saving it and that the GPS location tracking on our phones is keeping the history of your movement.
Jeremy also shared that the safest phones to own are the Blackberry or Apple and the least secure phones are Android phones.
He also shared that when you take a photo with your phone and paste it to an unsecured site that the phone can track when and where the photo was taken.
How Secure is your password?
Check your password strength at,
A great suggestion is to always have one word that is significant to you. Make sure it’s a random word and include a random number with a punctuation mark similar to Hotshot159!
And to create a different password for every account you have.
Example: Gmailhotshot159!
Contact information:
Jeremy Roberts
Dakota County Sheriff’s Office