Tom Schmidt introduced our speaker Erik Peacock, Puravida Fitness. Erik spoke to our club about the "Five ways to convert your body from a fat storing to a fat burning machine and get the lean fit body you’ve always wanted."


Biggest reasons resolutions fail

  • Incomplete programs
  • Lack of structure and progression
  • Push too hard too soon/injury
  • No accountability or support
  • Not prioritizing nutrition


Problem #1 Address nutrition


The Insulin Trap


  • Drink ½ your bodyweight in water
  • Eat whole foods that do not spike your blood sugar
  • Eat protein, fiber, and good fats with your meals
  • Eat frequently 5-6 times/day
  • Always eat breakfast it sets the tone for the day!!
  • Severely limit or cut out alcohol


Problem #2- Exercise or not exercising to stimulate metabolism

  • Solutions: Strength routines focused on circuit style training that utilizes whole body movements and elevates heart rate (2 – 3 times per week)
  • Cardio training-interval style training with peaks and recovery periods (3-5 times per week)


Problem #3 Improve movement quality

  • Prevent injuries
  • Better performance and results
  • Reduce inflammation and stress on the body
  • Movement screen can give you a strategy


Problem #4 – Manage sleep and stress


  • High stress drives up Cortisol which blocks body’s ability to burn fat and add muscle
  • Lack of sleep drives up fat storing hormones and suppresses fat burning hormones.


Problem #5 Utilize basic vitamin supplements

  •  Make sure to purchase products that are USP Grade.