Alan Anderson, Northfield Rotarian, presented this past week on Rotary and Climate Change.  2017-18 RI President Ian Riseley theme “Making a Difference” what does this have to do with our speaker?
Ian Riseley also made a case recently that protecting the environment and curbing climate change are essential to Rotary’s goal of sustainable service.
Ian Riseley was quoted recently saying that Environmental degradation and global climate change are serious threats to everyone. “They are having a disproportionate impact on those who are most vulnerable, those to whom Rotary has the greatest responsibility. Yet environmental issues rarely register on Rotary agenda.”
Did you know that the Environmental degradation is one of the major threats listed by the UN’s High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change.
President-elect Ian Riseley is challenging every Rotary club to make a difference by planting a tree for each of its members between the start of Rotary year on 1 July and Earth Day on 22 April 2018.  Trees remove carbon dioxide (CO 2) and other greenhouse gases from the air, which slows down global warming.
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