Posted on Jul 27, 2017

Abul Sharah

Today’s speaker, Abul Sharah, was introduced by Peg Duenow.

International Village Clinic is a Minnesota nonprofit providing hope and vitality to women and families in rural villages in India through high quality healthcare.

Abula Sharah was a fatherless, impoverished boy from, Uttar Pradesh, India’s poorest province. He worked hard throughout his life and career and rose to senior engineering and marketing positions at Honeywell and MTS Systems.


While on a business trip to Calcutta, India, Dr. Sharah had the opportunity to visit with Mother Theresa’s Home for Dying Destitute. Abula already had the urge to give something back to world but was encouraged further by words from Mother Theresa to pursue a mission of “love and human service.”

He formed International Village Clinic (IVC) in order to focus on improving the regions standard of living through: healthcare, education and income. They have established a medical clinic which provides nutrition, vaccination and health-education programs delivered by qualified medical personnel in an area where illiteracy and disease are rampant.

Last year our club donated $2,000 toward IVC and Abula’s work. Our donation along with other donations he has received has allowed IVC to distribute nutritional supplements to over 2600 children and pregnant women, provide screenings and health interventions for families and care for over 40,000 malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, asthma and other common diseases for patients in the clinic.