Each month of the school year, the Lakeville Rotary Club recognizes students of the senior class who demonstrate “Service Above Self”. 
For the month of November Lakeville North High School has chosen Olivia Shoemaker for the November Rotary Student of the Month. Olivia currently has a high GPA and is number 2 in a class of 429 at Lakeville North High School.   She is Captain of the Speech Team, a member of National Honor Society, and has been a member of the swim team.  Olivia is an AP National Scholar (2016) and an AP Scholar of Distinction (2015).
Outside Lakeville North High School, Olivia is involved in classical guitar and bass guitar lessons.  She is a mountain biker and a qualifier in the USA Junior National Triathlon.  Olivia volunteers as a counselor, dishwasher and maintenance at Camp Qwanoes Leadership Training, Vancouver Island.  She is on the tech team at Hosanna Church, in the Hosanna Church band, an assistant in children’s activities at Hosanna Church.  Olivia is also a student rep for the School Road Safety task force, Lakeville.
Olivia’s parents are Kristin & Darryl Shoemaker and her Dean is Holly Standke.
For the month of November Emily Heinen has been chosen for the Rotary Student of the Month from Lakeville South High School.
As evident by a GPA of 4.26 and a #5 class rank, Emily is extremely passionate about academics and learning; moreover, during her senior year, Emily dedicated her non-study time to helping others and leading her peers in school. She is a Student Council Officer, Senior Class Officer, and DECA mentor. One of her teachers describes her as someone who gets "involved in everything, takes charge, and gets it done type of person." Over the summer, she spent many days and hours assisting new students of all ages understand the school culture and how to navigate their new school. Emily is committed to “making everyone feel valued in our school’s community.” Emily has made a commitment to excellence in everything she does.   She has without fail been an excellent school citizen and positive role model at Lakeville South High School.
Emily’s parents are Timothy and Michele Heinen and her Dean is Dr. Dana Kelly.