Posted on Jun 06, 2019
Todd Thompson, Singing
Todd Thompson was our speaker on June 6, 2019. Todd is a fellow Rotarian from the Northfield club, has been a science teacher, and has a PhD in Chemistry. Todd is the chair for the International Committee for the Northfield Rotary and the current project is focused on water and sanitation in the Guatemalan Highlands.
Todd shared with us a Tao Te Ching poem that started with “The best, like water, benefit all and do not compete” 
Guatemala is the first country south of Mexico and is undeveloped compared to its northern neighbor. In the Guatemalan Highlands, there is a lake where 70% of the population is indigenous. There are over 20 different Mayan dialects. Water is a main concern and while Todd spent time in Guatemala with the Lutheran Church, he learned never share your water bottle or you will be sick, maybe even up to 5 times.
As a group, Todd led us in singing several different songs including La Bamba which was a song that he sang with the villagers and Rotarians of San Lucas Toliman.  Rotary members are not like we are, as they are almost full-time project workers determined to help others.
Todd learned an important lesson when he met the Ladies of Chuitzan, who are the members and director of the water committee. With a slip of the tongue, he was reminded that the women are the ones who haul the water, so why shouldn’t they be consulted and oversee the water project.
Phase 1 was a water and sanitation system for a school system which included enclosed washrooms for both boys and girls. The phase 2 part of the water project is slated to start in November, and he is working with local Rotary clubs to raise funds to help with this global grant project.
The Rotary Club of Northfield will host a first-ever beverage tasting festival from 6–9 p.m. July 18 at Red Barn Farm, 10063 110th St. E., Northfield. The 4-Way Taste Festival will feature beverage samples from nearly 20 craft brewers, vintners and cider makers from Northfield, southern Minnesota and the metro area. Tickets are currently at $25 and can be purchased online . All proceeds from this event will go to support this important mission.