Posted on Jan 10, 2019
Greg LaMere, Erik Peacock
Greg LaMere introduced our speaker Erik Peacock, Puravida Fitness. Erik’s program was about Fitness and New Year’s Resolutions. 
He shared some insight to the club and on his blog on obtaining your fitness goals.
1. Incomplete programs – We have been sold the lie that the best way to get in shape is to only do cardio. Along with that, many of the people that do strength training leave out vitally important exercises that are crucial for putting the body in a fat burning zone and adding metabolic muscle.
2. Failure to address nutrition – You have heard the sayings “abs are made in the kitchen” and “you cannot outwork a bad diet.”  Both are true.  Certain foods and combinations of foods can really screw up your hormones and metabolism making fat stick to you glue. Unless you get serious about working on your nutrition, you will never see the results you want.
3. Pushing too hard too soon – This is perfect for the New Year’s Resolution crowd since many people (after doing nothing) decide that 7 days of high intensity work is where they should start. They end up burning themselves out or injuring themselves because they literally overdose on exercise. You have to dial it up and give your body time to adapt if you want to see progress. Your body needs to adjust to consistent exercise.  Also, keep your high intensity workouts at a maximum of 4 per week and less than one hour each.
4.Unnecessary Injury – A lot of people are moving around on weak cores/hips, immobile joints and have imbalances they are unaware of. The problem with loading an unstable and asymmetrical body is that it is like turning up a bad song on the radio (cue up We Built This City by Starship).  The more you turn up intensity, the worse it gets.  I recommend having a movement screen to identify weak points and deal with those before loading up a bunch of boot camp exercises, weights, or running.  You are cruising for bruising if you do this. Many people come in and tell me it was an injury that sent them into a tailspin in terms of gaining weight.
5.) No professional guidance or accountability – Too often our pride gets in the way and we keep telling ourselves the lie that we can do this on our own.  Some people can but let’s face it.  Many of us suck at being accountable to ourselves and don’t have the time or knowledge to develop programs that will keep us motivated and seeing results.  There are some things we are good at but other things we suck at.  Fitness seems to be one area many people suck at – but here is the good news.  They don’t have to suck anymore. Asking for help is not weakness.  It is wisdom. In order to get where I want to go anywhere in life, I have learned to find a coach or a mentor. I’ve seen this in my spiritual life, finances, business and yes even fitness.  Even us coaches need coaches.  So if you have a bad track record of doing it on your own than quit thinking something will be different this time. Save time, money, and heartache by hiring someone who knows what they are doing and has good testimonials to prove it.
These are 5 main reasons people fall apart by February.
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