Al Just
Al Just shared part of his story with us and for the rest we will need to wait for the release of his book. A trilogy series currently titled “Collision Course” but as Al mentioned. The publishers often change the title prior to publication.
Al shared how he grew up in Franklin, MN and since he was a young man he prepared for ministry. His ministry allowed him to travel, teach, and coach in Wisconsin and Arizona.  It was in Arizona where his wife, Sharon, was tragically killed and Al was charged with her murder.  Al shared that as God was always special in his life he was even more so while enduring his experiences in prison.
 While in prison Al met John Nelson who was instrumental in helping him find the men that killed his wife and led to his release. Twenty years after his experience Al has returned to work with inmates and operates Redemption Ministries.
Al, thank you for sharing your story.