May 7, 2020, meeting video link featuring Ed Marek, ( Saint Paul Sunrise and DG 2020-2021) and Bruce Morlan, (Northfield Rotary Club) .
Braver Angels is meeting by sponsoring virtual Meet Up Groups to discuss and work to solve the divide, it all starts wit us personally.  There is a need for more civics in schools to promote the education of young people on how compromise can work effectively in a democracy.  There is a Problem Solvers Caucus in congress currently made up of those from both sides of the isle.  Braver Angels has had National Conventions and is gaining traction as an important vehicle to help solve our nation’s big problem. 
Rotary has a great way to work with problems and look at the need and the way we can work together to solve the problem, not by choosing sides.  Rotary is depolarizing in our way of solving human needs, couldn’t our way of thinking help a lot of our elected folks?  Learn more at