Fast for Hope - El Corozo
Mar 08, 2018
Jim Hunt, PDG 2016-17
Fast for Hope - El Corozo

In 2008 Rotary District 5960 began a new approach toward assisting communities in poor countries.  Known as Fast for Hope (FFH), our initiative is focussed on El Corozo, Nicaragua.  The approach empowers a community so that it - not us  - can develop sustainable goals and an explicit implementation strategy. This approach includes skills and leadership development of the community-selected leaders, especially in the area of strategy development.

El Corozo is a rural village of 102 homes with a population of 462.  98% of the people own their own homes, all with dirt floors except for one.  74% have latrines, the other homes have no facilities. Only 35% of the homes have potable water in pipes to their home.  Only 32 people are over 60 years old, probably partly due to lack of sanitary conditions, good nutrition and adequate health care.

El Corozo has developed four goals:  1) a paved road into the community, 2) availability of basic health care in the community, 3) a literacy program with a community library, and 4) a well providing piped, potable water to each home.  El Corozo has developed leadership teams to work on these goals and strategies that report to the larger community on a regular basis so everyone has a say in this development.  Participants pay when attending these meetings in order to provide local funds for the initiative.  89% of the families indicated a willingness to participate in support of the initiative.

Past District Governor Jim Hunt will give us an update on the project and share where it's headed.