2023-24 Speaker Honorarium

Invited speakers to the Lakeville Rotary Club will be given a speaker honorarium to the Club 2023-2024 designated fund, The Angel Foundation.


Angel Foundation™ is a Twin Cities-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to support local adults with cancer and their families. For more than twenty years, our programs have ensured that individuals and families have the resources they need throughout their cancer journey.


Angel Foundation™ offers relief to adults with cancer and their loved ones through financial assistance, education, and emotional support.


EMERGENCY FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE provides support to adult cancer patients by relieving some of their immediate financial concerns. Grants help with basic, non-medical bills such as food, gas, rent or mortgage, and utilities, and can help provide comfort and peace of mind during the overwhelming months following a cancer diagnosis.  

FINANCIAL CANCER CARE connects cancer patients with a Social Worker and a Pro Bono Certified Financial Planner™ through educational workshops and one-on-one meetings. The goal of the program is to provide a road map for patients to help decrease anxiety about managing finances as they navigate the potentially devastating effects of cancer-related financial toxicity.  

ADULT & FAMILY PROGRAMS provide free education and emotional support for children, adults, and families. They are designed to help adults talk to children about cancer; help children understand what cancer is and how it is treated; and help families and individuals emotionally and practically after you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer.  

Since 2001, showing a proven approach to addressing critical issues, Angel Foundation™ has distributed more than $13 million in emergency financial assistance and provided over 45,000 program services to local adults with cancer and their families. Our Emergency Financial Assistance program remains the backbone of Angel’s mission.

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