Installed Building Solutions
21025 Edmonton Ave
Farmington, MN  55024
United States of America


Signup for Farmington Build on 9/27 or 9/28


It might be hard to believe but we have kids in our communities that are sleeping on the floor or in a tough situation.  Thanks to your help we have delivered over 525 beds in the past 2.5 years and there is still a big need.  There are kids waiting for the beds we will be building in September.  Our next two builds are sponsored by our generous partners the Lakeville Lions and Installed Building Solutions. Our ambitious goal is to build 40 bunks (80 beds!) at each, but we need your help!  

Anyone 12 years and up. All abilities welcome. 

Lakeville Lions: Friday and Saturday 9/6 & 9/7 in Lakeville.
Installed Building Solutions: Friday and Saturday 9/27 & 9/28 in Farmington. 
We have multiple 2 hr. volunteer sessions to choose from.  Details in the links below.  

What to bring:  
We have everything you'll need including safety equipment and water.  If you'd like you are welcome to bring your own safety equipment like glasses, gloves, ear protection, dust mask, etc.  

What to wear: 
Work clothes, you will get dusty and could get stain on your clothes / shoes.