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The Bonus Room
20908 Holyoke Ave
Lakeville, MN  55044
United States of America

A Club Vision Facilitation is a evening session (typically 5:30 - 8:30) that assists key leaders and interested
members of a Rotary club in achieving continuity, consistency and consensus

During the Vision Facilitation session, a team of facilitators will lead a process consisting of an overview
presentation, a writing exercise, data collection, consensus voting and summary and action plan

There are at least three measures of success for clubs that complete a Vision Facilitation:

1. An immediate measure of progress will be the members' pledge and willingness to move the planning
processes from a nice-to-do concept to meaningful growth programs for the club, its members, and its

2. The second is that the output from this session is woven into the annual plans of the incoming and
succeeding Presidents.  It will be reflected in the continuity and consistency of programming and leadership
in your Club.

3. Finally, the long-term mark of accomplishment will be at the end of five years when your club advances
from where it is to where it wants to be.