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January 28- Colleen LaBeau
February 04- Paul Marzahn
February 11- Tom Hendrickson
February 18 - Doug Anderson
February 25 - Jim Christian
March 4 - Paul Marzahn

Please let Kathy know if you would like to be scheduled to give an Invocation/Reflection or Master at Arms at an upcoming meeting.

OR visit our Signup Genius signup page,  to volunteer at an upcoming meeting!


January 28-Colleen LaBeau
February 04-Colleen LaBeau
February 11- Paul Marzahn
February 18 - Jim Christian
February 25 - 
March 4 -

Please let Kathy know if you would like to be scheduled to give an Invocation/Reflection or Master at Arms at an upcoming meeting.

OR visit our Signup Genius signup page,  to volunteer at an upcoming meeting!


Jan 30 Blood Drive
The Lakeville Rotary Club, Crossroads Church, and Memorial Blood Centers are hosting a blood drive on Saturday, January 30 from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  This is our first blood drive since our Lakeville Community Drive in August, and we hope you will join us again in this life-saving endeavor.
Help save someone's life.  Sign up on-line today by just clicking on the following link:
If you prefer to enroll by phone,  you can call Mike, 952-500-0862 or Memorial Blood Center, 651-332-7150.
Thank you,
Mike Cooper
Lakeville Rotary
Speaker - Tricia Martin
Tricia Martin
Tricia Martin is no stranger to Rotary. She was a past member of the Aitkin Lakes Area Rotary Club.
After she retired as a Care Consultant working with family caregivers in the Aiken area, Tricia started working for a Scandinavian health and wellness company. It was there that she learned a lot about nutrition mostly from the works of Dr. Paul Clayton, a pharmacologist from the UK. A few of his books are: “Out of the Fire”; “Let Your Food be Your Pharmaco-Nutrition – the New Road to Health, Healing and Happiness”.; Strengthening your immune system. How to fight infection, allergy and autoimmune disease: Evidence based pharmaco-nutrition”. She is passionate about helping people to get healthy.
Tricia found out that the American diet contains lots of calories but has a low nutrient content. Especially lacking are the nutrients vital to our heart, brain and every organ. Since 1960 our diet consists of processed and ultra-Processed foods. Chemicals are added to increase the taste and increase the shelf life of the foods.
This is a dismal picture. A healthy body starts with healthy cells. Each cell has a cell membrane which is comprised of fatty acids. The two main essential fatty acids are Omega 6 and Omega 3. These are called essential because our bodies do not make these fatty acids on its own; we need to take these fatty acids from our diet.
Omega 6 is plant based. We get Omega 6 from foods that have vegetable oils such as corn oil, soybean or sunflower oil; for example salad dressings, peanut butter, and prepackaged foods and deep fried foods. On the other hand Omega 3 is marine based, the best source being small fatty fish. While both are necessary, our DNA needs one to one balance or one part Omega 6 to one part Omega 3. There is a lot of research that shows the importance of having that right balance so our bodies can work optimally. The average in North America is now 25 times the Omega 6 as Omega 3. Scientists are seeing even higher numbers in younger people.
The cell membrane should be permeable and supple, taking in nutrients and expelling toxins. However, with too much Omega 6, our cells become stiff. When our cells are stiff the nutrients cannot get in and the toxins, like the preservatives cannot get out. So we have a cell that is basically trapped and on fire. Multiply that by 30 million cells in our bodies, and we have a health issue and break down of our immune system.
A new study by the Mayo Clinic “Effect of Omega-3 on Cardiovascular Outcomes” provides evidence for consuming more EPA and DHA Omega 3 fats. The research concludes this will reduce the risk of Coronary heart disease. They state that the balance of Omega 6/Omega 3 fatty acids decreases the risk for coronary heart disease. It goes on to say that EPA and DHA in Omega 3 have the most potent anti- inflammatory effects. Inflammation is at the base of many chronic diseases including coronary heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, dry eye disease, mental health and others. From: Mayo Clinic Proceedings.2020 DOI: 10.10.16/j.mayocp.2020.08.034 .
The American Heart Association declares inflammation the cause of heart disease.
The Alzheimer’s Assn states that “Omega 3 fatty acids lower the risk of stroke and dementia and may play a role in enhancing memory and slowing mental decline.”
Can this be avoided? Or at least postponed? I believe there is something we can do to change our future and yours. That is what I am passionate about!
First thing, get tested and find out what your Omega 6:3 balance is and if you are getting the nutrients that you need. This can be a simple blood test at home; it is sent out to an independent lab in Norway laboratory VITAS.  Next increase your Omega 3 with polyphenols. Tricia uses a product called “Balance Oil”.
Omega 3 oxidizes very quickly. In fact, Omega 3 will oxidize in 3-5 hours, not enough time to be absorbed into our cells. In nature there is always a polyphenol that acts as the carrier of the Omega 3. Polyphenol is a powerful antioxidant. We can stop the breakdown and protect our cells from (rusting) oxidation.
Red blood cells in our bodies have a lifespan of 120 days. When we change our habits and eat a healthy diet high in omega 3s we can see positive changes in our cells in just a few months and feel the difference in our body.
If you are interested in look up Dr. Clayton’s books or contact Peg Duenow at
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For patients who lack options, a virtual visit can mean the difference between going with or without care.


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