Pat Arling, Megan Wolf
Our speaker today was Megan Wolf with the Metropolitan Council. Megan was appointed to the council by Governor Pawlenty in 2009. The Council was created as "a regional solution for regional problems" nearly 50 years ago.
The Metropolitan Council is the regional policy-making body, planning agency, and provider of essential services for the Twin Cities metropolitan region. The Council's mission is to foster efficient and economic growth for a prosperous region.
Policy-making, planning & coordination
The 17-member Metropolitan Council is a policy-making board, which has guided the strategic growth of the metro area for nearly 50 years.  Elected officials and citizens share their expertise with the Council by serving on key advisory committees.
Strategic investments & services support regional economic vitality
The Council also provides essential services and infrastructure - Metro Transit's bus and rail system, Metro Mobility, Transit Link, wastewater treatment services, regional parks, planning, affordable housing, and more -  that support communities and businesses and ensure a high quality of life for residents.
Met Council priorities
  • Create a financially sustainable 21st century transportation system
  • Promote housing opportunities for all
  • Invest in infrastructure that supports economic development
Thank you Megan for an interesting talk.