(Craig Manson and Jess Luce)
Speaker Jess Luce, Dakota County Communities for a Lifetime (CFL) Initiative,
What is CFL and how does it impact our community.
Jess spoke about the myths and realities of the coming baby boomer age wave and questioned whether our community would be properly able to handle a large percentage of our population entering varying types of senior care situations. Jess said that the baby boomer generation will enter retirement and senior living much different than what we’ve believed traditionally; working and staying in their own homes longer than previous generations. He shared survey statistics that said over 50 percent of possible retiree’s ages 45-70 had thought of working during retirement and the same percentage had considered working part-time. Also, in Minnesota, 93 percent of baby boomers say they plan to continue living in their own home rather than renting space in senior living apartments, assisted living, nursing homes, or other residential senior care options. Jess said that by the year 2030 about one-in-four people in Minnesota will be age 65 or older. By 2020, he reported, there will be more people over age 65 than in elementary, middle and high schools put together.  He said organizations will rely more heavily on volunteers and as baby boomers age in-home services and care will expand and employers will become more flexible in keeping seniors at work.
What makes a Community for a Lifetime?
  • Transportation options to help keep people mobile and independent
  • Sidewalks and paths that are walkable for transport and exercise
  • A full range of affordable housing options as needs change
  • Accessible and quality services that support older adults and caregivers in home and community settings
  • Flexible and supportive employment and volunteer opportunities, including intergenerational activities
  • Effective technology to connect people and help with life’s activities.
To learn more about Dakota County’s Communities for a Lifetime Initiative, contact,
Jess Luce