Posted on Oct 02, 2018
Tony and Dorothy Brama
Lakeville welcomed Tony and Dorothy Brama.
"Friends of Chimbote"
The "Home in a Box" was developed 8 years ago to try to get around some of the distribution problems in an improverished area. With the help of Minnesota Rotary Clubs and other donors the Friends of Chimbote have been sending two 40ft. shipping containers each year for the past 17 years to Chimbote.  Humanitarian supplies as well as education and medical supplies are sent each year. As Rotary Clubs and other non-profits have learned is not enough just to send items.. there must be sufficient organization at the receiving end to assure that the right items are sent, secured and distributed efficiently to those most in need.
Here is how the "Home in a Box" project works:
1. Individuals and groups are invited to get involved with helping the poor in Chimbote by purchasing the list of items and filling the bins.  (This is what Doc Aak has been working on for the past several months.)
2. Those wanting to help are given instructions, some tips and the packing list.
3. "Home in a Box" is boxes are manifested at the warehouse and packed into the container for shipping to Chimbote...about a 45 day trip.
4. Upon arrival at the mission in Chimbote the "home in a Box" bins are secured in a storage area and are distributed by the missions social workers one or two at a time to families who are most in need.  the social workers and staff at the mission who work with the poor daily along with the help of the local Rotary identify those families who will receive the bins.  Unlike many of the other humanitarian items, the "Home in a Box" can be stored over the entire course of the eyar and distributed as needed.