Lakeville Rotary Club was a proud supporter of The Faribault Rotary Club's Global Grant to bring infrastructure to Cambodia. 

Rotary members recently returned from a service trip to Cambodia, where they helped set up infrastructure to provide clean water to hundreds of children and their families. The project includes a holding pond, garden and water purification system.

“The project was at a school where about 550 kids had never had clean water,” Rotarian Dick Huston said. “We built a holding pond because they have about six months without rain each year. At that time, they were building a building to house the water purification system. It will take about three months to complete the setup and the startup of the garden.”

The Faribault Rotary Club raised $30,000 locally.  Lakeville Rotary participated in contributing to this project in the amount of $1000 as part of the 2021 Rotary District Shark Tank. Rotary International also contributed funds to the project in Battambang, a city in northwestern Cambodia.

“The project was about $75,000 — money well spent that will provide clean water and nutrition for this community for years and years,” Huston said.

He explained the beginning of the process on the Rotary’s end.

“Rotary does these kinds of events all over the world. We saw the need, and we went about it over a long period and got a grant written, raising the money, and getting the project started.”

The Faribault Rotary could not have accomplished the project without the assistance of the Battambang Rotary Club or Rotary International.

Click Here for a link to the complete story in the March 25, 2022, Faribault Daily News.