The October 7 Rotary / Crossroads Church Blood Drive was a big success.  We had targeted 30 successful donations and we achieved 35!  There were new records of 14 walk-ins and 5 first time donors.

A special thank you to Pastor Paul for the hospitality, the facility, the recruitment, the staff, and even donating.  Thank you to all that helped make this drive a success: Cheryl Morton, Frank Schoeben, Steve Rall, Nancy Savstrom, Bob Bayer, and Dennis Chrissinger.

We helped save 105 lives because the following Rotarians were able to donate:  Kathy Hughitt, Dave Oswald, Carl Wahlstrom, Joe Julius,  Paul Marzahn, and Phil Bruneau.  The Red Cross really appreciates your commitment to this endeavor.

Service above self is not just something we say, it's something we do.


Mike Cooper

Blood Drive Coordinator