Tony Steel
Tony Steel provide an overview of the 2019-20 STRIVE program. STRIVE stands for Students Taking Renewed Interest in the Value of Education.
Tony shared that 12 Rotarians will serve as mentors to approximately 32 seniors (16 at each High School.) Each Rotarian will be paired with 2-3 students and meet approximately 8 times throughout the year.

STRIVE students who accomplish a set goals throughout the year will be eligible for scholarships. A total of $15,000 in scholarships will be awarded in the spring.
Lakeville North High School: Mark Booth, Kathy Cleveland, Scott Miller, Chris Casey, Krista Jech, Colleen LeBeau.
Lakeville South High School: Judy Keliher, Emily Williams , Mark Priore, Jeff Kohlnhofer, Jeff Long.