Jeff Mortensen
Speaker Jeff Mortensen, CEO 360 Communities spoke at our Club meeting today. Jeff started with drawing parallels of his experience with the COVID-19 Pandemic to that of his family's experience at the April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon Bombing.  Where they found the need to access the tools, resources, and data they had at their disposal and rely on the collective wisdom of their group. He noticed during that event two actions from the crowd. People that moved away and people that moved toward the conflict.
Jeff acknowledged Laurie Bolin and other leadership team members of 360 Communities because they are the team in the position of deciding who needs to run toward and who needs to run away. They have created guide rails for staff and let those people lead and make decisions on the front line.  Jeff shared that one key is to communicate, communicate, communicate and believe in your team.
Amidst all that is happening they are seeing “Shared Interest Defeating Self-interest” and are inspired by daily examples within the community using 360 as a vehicle.
Jeff acknowledged Lakeville community stepping up to help with using as an example Menasha assisting with the need for boxes.
Areas of concern:
  • Domestic and sexual violence work which is being connected remotely by phone. 360 Communities anticipate that the need for these services will increase with the introduction of more stress in the home.
  • Lewis House Shelters are staying open with a modified shift for staff.
  • Food Shelf - Moved to a prepacked food shelf model depending on family size and dietary needs.
How can we help –
Financial donations are the easiest and safest way to support our neighbors in need.
Additional information will be passed along via email as it becomes available.