2016-17 Speaker Honorarium

Invited speakers to the Lakeville Rotary Club will be given a copy of  Rotarian Flavors of the World Cookbook. A worldwide fundraising project for polio eradication.The cookbook features over 400 recipes from Rotary districts in over 150 countries. Plus:  information on Rotary and The Rotary Foundation.
In addition invited speakers to the Lakeville Rotary Club will be given an option to choose a speaker honorarium to be donated to a to a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization of their choice or to the Clubs 2016-17designated fund, Lakeville Public Safety Foundation.
Founded in 2014, the Lakeville Public Safety Foundation (LPSF) is a nonprofit organization that promotes public safety by enhancing the capabilities of the Lakeville Police Department and the Lakeville Fire Department. LPSF provides financial assistance for community based public safety programs, events, processes and nonessential operational tools through donations from citizens and corporations.


Lakeville Police Department


The Lakeville Police Department is dedicated to reducing crime,  problem solving and ensuring the quality of life in Lakeville. The department was founded in 1882 and is now made up of 53 men and woman who are dedicated to serving the Lakeville community. The Lakeville Police department is made up of Patrol Officers, two K-9 units, Detectives, School Resource Officers and our Crime Scene Unit. They also have officers that serve on the Dakota County MAAG (SWAT), Honor Guard and Dakota County Drug Task Force.

Lakeville has grown to a population of 57,900 and with the increase in population comes the increase
in calls they take. In 2013, the Lakeville Police Department responded to 33,318 calls consisting of medical emergencies, animal related calls, alarms, lobby walk-ins and 911 calls. Training is ongoing for all officers. Officers have field training, firearms training, conflict resolution and the K-9 team trains on a daily basis.

The Lakeville Police Department is dedicated to our community and participates in many community events including Citizen’s Academy, Night to Unite, Kids Safety Camp and Pan-O-Prog to name a few. It is because of  dedicated officers that we are fortunate enough to have their participation at the number of events that happen in Lakeville every year. This department, like all Police agencies, is challenged by the increased demands and the limited resources. The Lakeville Public Safety Foundation goal is to provide assistance with the items that are not budgeted and that will better their department and make our officers the best the state has to offer.


Lakeville Fire Department

The Lakeville Fire Department was founded in 1884 as a volunteer organization when Lakeville was a village. The fire department served its community from one fire station. Firefighters were alerted for calls by a bell located in the bell tower in the station; the bell is now housed at Station 1 and is used on special occasions. That station still exists in downtown Lakeville.

Today, Lakeville Fire Department consists of 4 stations that are staffed by 84 paid per call firefighters. They are a dedicated group whose mission is to serve the community they live in. Part of the department’s mission statement is to provide public safety education. Our firefighters do that in a variety of ways such as educating in school classrooms during Fire Prevention month and at our Fire Prevention Open House, at station tours and during Night to Unite gatherings.

They respond to all hazard incidents in and around their community. All firefighters are trained to handle a wide variety of incidents beyond just fires. Their training is no different than that of a fulltime department. The Lakeville Fire Department, like any other agency, is challenged by the increased demands for service with limited resources. As a community we can provide items that are not budgeted and will benefit our community and the firefighters that serve us.